This capability has made DIGI-KEY a higher ranking in global industrial surveys every year. DIGI-KEY is active in North America as well as in Europe and Asia, in areas such as genuine trade, access to service products and service delivery, commitment to solving customer problems, and more.

DIGI-KEY distributes the products of more than seven hundred top and reputable global manufacturers and has more than hundreds of branches around the world to meet the needs of its customers.

The services that DIGI-KEY offers in its field of work are constantly increasing and DIGI-KEY is committed to supporting the full access of its customers to its services and products and in this regard it is competing professionally with other top brands.

DIGI-KEY is one of the most reputable distributors of electronic components that has experienced the fastest growth in the world. Since the founding of DIGI-KEY in 1972, the company has been committed to meeting the broadest customer needs in the field of electronic components as well as providing the best possible customer service.

Assisting engineers in all design steps from prototype production to final product is the motto of DIGI-KEY.

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