Pars Pressure has high-speed commercials and offices of commercial agents and offices in the United States, Ukraine, and the high power of providing various types of components and reputable manufacturers and superior manufacturers and global brands:

Supply of all kinds of parts:

  • Types …, DSP, MCU, DSC
  • All kinds of …, FPGA, CPLD, PAL, PLA
  • DAC, ADC data converter
  • Types of Delay Line, Timer
  • Relay types
  • Connector types
  • Types of Active & Peas
  • Types of trans, transformer and ferrite
  • Types of specific ICs
  • Types of LCD, LED, OLED
  • The Department of Commerce Company has provided various types of components and components of the world, such as Digi-Key, Mouser, Farnell for its customers.

Why Pars Pardaz:

  • Broad supply network overseas
  • Purchases in the lowest time
  • Buy with the highest accuracy and quality
  • Providing the most prestigious global vendors (Digi-Key, …)
  • Ability to sell Internet port
  • Possibility to provide certficate from authoritative manufacturers and distributors
  • Import from the most reliable imported and secured
  • Wide communication with regional sales offices (Digi-Key) in Southeast Asia
  • Extensive interaction with Digi-Key centers in the Middle East and Maussia
  • Ability to provide a variety of top global distributors (Digi-Key) from more than hundreds
  • World Premier Manufacturer such as ABB / Siemens / Texas Instrument / Bosch / Omron