Services Sheet metal punching

Sheet metal punching services are performed by a machine that has the ability to shape, drill or create protrusions on them with high power. These holes or holes created on the metal sheets have different designs according to its uses. It can be said that punching services are used to cut various types of metal sheets to achieve the required tools.

Punching services can be performed on a variety of metal sheets today. This machine is used in the cutting industry, so that the desired tools can be cut. After punching the metal, this device directs it to a hollow hole located under the piece.

Metal punching services are also able to make composites and complex metal parts. These parts are used in various industries such as aircraft, elevator, building and.. The history of this industry goes back many years and depicts its essential role in various industries.

Today, with the advancement of technology and the design of powerful and capable devices, a great leap has occurred in this industry. All systems are updated and computerized, so that it can provide unique punching services. In this regard, Pars Pardaz Metal Punch Services Company is trying to satisfy our dear customers by providing up-to-date and quality services with experienced staff.

Today, many artisans are looking for professional and up-to-date punching services to get their orders delivered on time. This is a privilege that Pars Pardaz Company has given to esteemed industrialists to be satisfied with this cooperation.

Aluminum Punch Services

With the development of technology, the quality of punch services has increased and due to that, we are witnessing designs created on aluminum or other metals, which are done very cleanly. These machines are capable of cutting three-dimensional metal parts that are used in many industries today.

Aluminum sheet punching services are very diverse and have many applications in various industries. These designs can be cut in different dimensions and models such as circle, star, square, rhombus, polygon and.. These services are fully mechanized and can be used to achieve the desired designs and cuts.

Punch heat can be applied on aluminum sheets in different thicknesses. To create the desired designs and holes in the products, all the required calculations must be done in advance. In these calculations, sheet metal material, thickness, design dimensions, design shape and. Are considered. The high accuracy of these devices has made it one of the most popular among craftsmen.

Steel sheet punch service

Steel sheet is one of the most widely used metals in various industries. These sheets are widely used in the medical industry due to their corrosion resistance due to the large amounts of chromium. Punching services are used on three-dimensional steel sheets and other designs.

Benefits of sheet metal punching service

As we talked about earlier, punch services and devices are evolving every day. The use of up-to-date computer systems on these devices, while being accurate and delicate, has also increased the speed factor. Therefore, the desired cuts can be made on metals in less time with the highest quality.
Many people think that punching services are very complicated and heavy, which takes months and energy. But this idea has become very simple and fast with the advent of mechanized devices.
Another advantage of using punch services is saving the amount of material used. In these devices, the desired design is designed using special software on metal sheets, to create less waste. Given the growth in the price of sheet metal in recent years, this factor is very important to be able to make the most of the least material.

In punching services, in order to lay the design on the desired metal sheets, the dimensions and thickness of the sheet, the size of the desired design and their material must be considered. If necessary, some designs can be produced with low thickness sheets to save money.

Punching services require less manpower due to the advanced devices available in the market. The operator must also have passed the required courses professionally. Safety in this work should be very high, so as not to cause any problems during the work.

High speed in these devices and timely delivery is one of the cost-effective items, which requires less storage space. Given the benefits we have mentioned, this service is very popular among manufacturers

Programming in services and punch presses

In punching services, design is done using special software that these devices are able to run. Programs such as CAD / CAM that are designed with the help of a computer are among these softwares. The desired information of the plan is provided to the operator in various formats, including 2D in files such as DXF or DWG. In some cases, the file format is three-dimensional.

In punching services, this information and files are used to create the desired design, pierce or create protrusions. They are also used to determine the exact tools to create the intended components. Using programming, the exact arrangement is done on the sheets to have the least amount of finesse.

Punch service devices are adapted and selected according to the customer’s order. The desired device is selected based on the thickness, material and type of design.

Price of sheet metal punch service

The price of punch services depends on various factors, which can be obtained before ordering by providing it to the operator. Due to the devices that have entered the market in recent years, the speed of operation and accuracy in a short time has saved the costs of customers.

One of the most important price factors in performing punch services is the up-to-date price of sheet metal. This has had the major impact on the ever-changing final costs of punching services. Another influential factor in the price of punch is the desired design. The more elegant and precise the design, the more prolific the machine will be.