Turbine control system repairs


Pars Pardaz, relying on the engineering capabilities of its technical experts and valuable experiences, is fully prepared to provide consulting, repair, supply, maintenance and replacement services and overhaul of the spedtronic control system for all types of turbines:

Steps of engineering, design, construction and installation of control system

• Visiting the project and technical meetings with the employer to receive technical documents and provide points of view
• Preparation of required logic and engineering documents
• Construction of control system panel in compliance with all design and engineering standards
• Install the panel and perform wiring

Steps of setting up a control system

• Perform cold tests on the loops
• Check the ground
• Turn on the system and download Logic
• Loop check and function test
• Test all electrical and power feeders
• Perform kernak test
• Fairing
• Couplings of rotating devices such as compressors and generators