power systems


Providing engineering services including design and construction in various fields such as power systems based on the experience of three decades of Pars Pardaz and engineering technical ability of the company’s experts has led to the creation of numerous honors in the field of domestic construction and the need for various industries (including oil, gas, petrochemical and Power plant) from imports, especially in conditions of sanctions.

The most important capabilities and products of this company in the field of power can be mentioned as follows:

  • Design and manufacture of a variety of isolated switching power supplies
  • Design and manufacture of chargers in different voltage and amperage ranges
  • Design and manufacture of CONVERTER types (DC TO DC, AC TO DC)
  • Design and manufacture of INVRETER types
  • Design and manufacture of BLDC types
  • Design and production of various electronic relays for industrial protection and supervision (voltage, current, heat, pressure and surface control, etc.)
  • Design and manufacture of control panels, steering, distribution and substations up to 20 KV
  • Design and implementation of software
power systems