Punch and press burk

Pars Pardaz Company, with complete equipment and up-to-date and advanced machines, is ready to provide technical and specialized services in the field of bending all kinds of sheets with a length of 2500 mm and a maximum thickness of 2.5 mm.…Continuation

CNC punch

Pars Pardaz CNC punching equipment has provided the possibility of performing various punching services with maximum accuracy, quality and minimum time for all types of steel, aluminum, iron and galvanized sheets up to 3 mm thick for customers and craftsmen.…Continuation

Milling cnc

Pars Pardaz 4-axis CNC milling machines have provided the possibility of milling various parts for different industries (including oil, gas, automobile, electronics, etc.) with high accuracy and speed.

Lathe Machine

Pars Pardaz cnc lathes with a working diameter of 160mm and a length of 300mm are ready to perform machining of all types of aluminum, iron, steel and steel parts.