Ground leakage fault relay (based on current)

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Overall Review Ground leakage fault relay (based on current)


In the power grid system, the zero line is connected to the ground (ie zero point of the current) at zero connection, so when designing electrical panels, designers try to follow the above rule. When the consumption system deviates from the state of symmetry in consumption at some point due to problems in the consumers or the reverse current on one phase causes a current to induce a current on the zero of the system, this current from the point of connection of zero to earth (ground) ) Passes. Excessive increase of this inductive current in systems that use precision instruments and sensitive electronic and electrical systems causes inaccuracies and damages. To prevent these problems, this relay can be used to protect or warn in electrical systems that its output is activated during the passage of the specified limits and can be used to cut off consumption circuits.

Designing :

For easy use and quick installation, this relay is embedded in an insulating cover that can be installed on rails with DIN EN 50022 standard.

In order to connect the inputs and outputs of this relay, suitable terminals have been considered in both directions, which can be referred to the attached map for its connections.

For the necessary settings, two selectors, one for the maximum allowable current limit, one for adjustment and the other for the output activation delay time on the relay cover are considered.

Two LED displays, one to display the supply voltage status and the other to display the error on the relay cover.


After connecting the supply voltage to the relay and connecting the transient current sample through CT, which is considered in the path of connection of zero to ground (ground), if the supply voltage of the relay is correct, it starts to compare the amount of current with the value specified by the user. When this current exceeds the set limit, the relay starts taking the delay time based on the value that the user has set on the relay. If after this time the amount of current read exceeds the specified value, the output of the relay is activated and its output can be used to declare an error or disconnect the consumption circuit. Also, the error indicator lights up if the value read to Return to normal The relay resets automatically.

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