Electronic components


Pars Pardaz, with its commercial facilities and representative offices in the United States, Ukraine and China, has a high capability in providing accurate and fast supply of all kinds of parts and components from reputable sources and manufacturers and top global brands:

Supply of various parts including:

  • Types…, DSP, MCU, DSC
  • Types…, FPGA, CPLD, PAL, PLA
  • Types of DAC, ADC data converters
  • Types of DELAY LINE, TIMER
  • Types of relays
  • Types of connectors
  • Types of active and passive components
  • Types of transformers, transformers and ferrite cores
  • Specific types of ICs
  • Types of LCD, LED, OLED
  • Pars Pardaz Trading Department has provided all kinds of electronic parts and components from the world’s top brands such as DIGI-KEY, MOUSER, FARNELL for its customers.

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Why Pars Pardaz:

  • Extensive overseas supply network
  • Buy in the shortest time
  • Buy with the highest accuracy and quality
  • Supplied by the most reputable global sellers (DIGI-KEY,…)
  • Ability to sell Internet portal
  • Ability to provide CERTFICATE from world-renowned manufacturers and distributors
  • Import from the safest import and supply corridors
  • Extensive liaison with regional sales offices (DIGI-KEY) in Southeast Asia
  • Extensive interaction with distribution centers (DIGI-KEY) in the Middle East and Eurasia
  • Ability to supply all kinds of global top distributor parts (DIGI-KEY) from more than hundreds of top global manufacturers such as ABB /
قطعات الکترونیکی