Bending services

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Sheet metal bending service process

The process of sheet metal bending services is a very important and fundamental path in production. In this process, the metal sheet enters this stage after receiving the necessary cuts and bending operations are performed on it without local failure. In sheet bending services, the shape of the desired part is finalized.

Sheet bending services are performed using CNC machines. These devices are controlled by an operator and the desired design and command is given to it using a computer embedded in the device. These machines have the ability to perform sheet bending services on all metals and are able to form them.

خمکاری ورق فلزی
خمکاری ورق فلزی

Sheet bending services are performed according to the dimensions of the part and their thickness, which is able to produce these parts in high volume. Due to the advancement of technology and the upgrade of computer systems in these devices, we see high quality during operation.

Sheet metal bending service is one of the most widely used production processes in various industries. A very important point in this operation is to pay attention to the properties of the material, according to which a suitable method must be selected. During the bending process in metals, tension and pressure are created to achieve the desired shape. Note that during this operation, the thickness of the sheet metal will not change at all, and only in some cases, the thickness of a part of the sheet metal may change due to tension or pressure.

A variety of sheet bending service methods

The first point that is very important to pay attention to is the dimensions and material of the material. Parts that require sheet bending services are operated in one of the methods of angle bending, U-shaped or stud bending and V-bending. Some metals have to use cold bending method and in other cases, hot bending method is done. In this industry, one of these methods will be chosen according to the material of the sheet metal.

If the amount of carbon in the sheet metal is more than 1.2 percent, it has less ability to bend and the hot method should be used. Most metals that are bent by the cold method are non-ferrous sheets except aluminum sheet and zinc sheet.

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Sheet bending service

In this method, in which sheet bending services are provided, we need a pair of matrices and pins. To control the amount of pressure applied to the sheet, a pressure gauge is used, which plays the role of supporting the sheet. In this case, the sheet will not break or the parts will become deformed.

V-shaped sheet bending service

In this method, we need a pair of mandrels and a matrix made of water steel. The head of the matrix and mandrel is V-shaped. Due to the pressure in this process, the desired metal sheet is formed.

U-shaped sheet bending service

This method is similar to the sacking method in terms of bending mold. The difference between these two methods is in applying pressure from both sides with equal force and in the opposite direction of the mandrel. In this method, two bends can be created simultaneously and with high accuracy in sheet metal. This method has a limit on the opening of the bent opening and the spring return.

It should be noted that the amount of spring bounce in different metals is different. This rate is one degree in steel sheets, half a degree in mild metals and three degrees in stainless steel sheets.

پانچ CNC

Application of bending in industry

Due to the development of various industries and the production of giant machines, the need for sheet bending industry and services is felt more than ever. Creating curvature on the produced metal sheets is one of the most important and at the same time delicate steps that if it does not have the desired quality, it will cause problems in production.

Gutter bends with different intersection levels as well as circular shapes are widely used in various industries. Metal bending is used in various industries including construction, animal husbandry and agriculture, electronics industry, factories, shipbuilding, medical industries and so on. In this mechanical operation, pressure is applied to the metal sheets, so that they are bent from the desired area.

Considering the dimensions, material and thickness of the desired sheet, one of the forming methods such as wire bending, tensile bending and forming bending is selected. Sheet bending services are widely used in the production of metal boxes, which has taken a big step in providing quality in this field.

پانچ CNC

In sheet bending services, we need a method in wire bending to achieve a change in the metal state that occurs around an axis without any change in area. In this type of bending, several bends can be done simultaneously. So it’s a very fast and cost-effective way. The wire bending method is mostly used in the electronics industry, it is also very widely used in the construction industry.

In the forming bending, which is done independently and linearly, all the steps will be done sequentially. Bending will be created by stretching if it is not done independently and linearly. In this method, the outer part of the sheet is stretched and pressure is applied to the inner part.

Advantages of bending with CNC machine

The use of sheet bending services has many advantages in advanced and up-to-date industries. One of these advantages is the high quality without damage to the parts produced. In these products, do not worry about breaking parts or creating thin layers in the curvature.

According to the proposed methods, metal sheets will be affected by bending according to factors such as their dimensions, material and thickness. Another advantage of using these methods is speed along with high quality. One of the concerns of industry owners is to receive high quality sheet bending services according to the desired time. The higher the level of service provided in the shortest time, the more time and money will be saved.

Providing high-speed services can eliminate the need for a warehouse to place orders and maximize receipt of orders. Pars Pardaz Service Company seeks to satisfy customers by providing high quality sheet bending services and will save your time and money. This company provides the highest quality to the craftsmen by using advanced devices and professional operators.

Another advantage of using sheet bending services is the reduction of costs due to high speed and time savings. Due to fluctuations in the metal market, we see changes in prices, which is why the rate is calculated on a daily basis.

The versatility of different methods of sheet bending services according to the material and thickness of metals is one of its most practical advantages. So you can get the services you want in one of the ways we talked about earlier.

The need for low manpower and mechanized machines is another benefit of sheet bending services, which reduces costs.


Sheet properties Suitable for bending

Using advanced machines, all metal sheets can be bent according to their thickness. However, the sheet used must have features, so that the device and method can be selected according to it. These characteristics depend on the material of the sheet, the thickness of the sheet, the desired design for bending, the size, dimensions and amount of bending of the sheet and the method of bending the sheet.

Price of sheet bending services

The price of bending services varies according to various factors. The cost of sheet bending services fluctuates according to the updated price of the desired sheets in the market. Therefore, in order to receive the exact price, you must be informed of the prices on a daily basis. Also, the volume of work ordered by artisans in production can determine the price of bending services.

The design, dimensions and material of the sheet are other factors that determine the price of sheet bending services. In some cases, the desired designs have elegance in bending and cutting, which increases its cost. But it should be noted that due to the advances made in recent decades and the advent of new devices, costs have been greatly reduced.

This is because the use of low manpower as well as cheap shed space has reduced costs.